Small Garden Landscaping

Small garden landscaping ideas

Having a small garden can offer you peace and tranquility after a long day at work. Knowing that you can come home to literally smell the roses brings comfort and happiness to one’s heart. However, with a small garden this might not always be the case. Not having enough space to plant or build can be stressful and cause us to neglect our tiny spaces. This need not be the case anymore. Creative solutions have been found to make your small garden into something big and amazing to look at and spend time in. Small garden landscapes are incredibly detail-oriented and leave no room for sloppy design or incompleteness. That’s because what is neglected is easy to point out as it will not fit in with the surroundings.

Here is an excellent list of landscaping ideas that will leave your garden not only looking tasteful but friendly and welcoming.

  1. Create a View

This is very important; have some kind of plan for what you would like your garden to look like. Where will the chairs and table go, and how far will it be from the entrance. Arbors and pergolas are classic small yard landscaping ideas and great ways to frame a view, but you can do the same with shrubs, small trees, or even pieces of garden art.


  1. Make It Cosy

Now that you know what you want; personalize the space. Make it cosy because this will definitely add to the homely atmosphere you are going for. Contrary to popular belief intimacy actually helps small backyards because creating escape nooks for reading and resting is a good small backyard idea for dividing up a space and creating specific zones. You can use a mid-height fence and lots of pretty plants to screen out the space from eye view.


  1. Use the Power of Perspective

This works wonders. Long, straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard or small garden landscape is bigger than it is. Take full advantage of this illusion by subtly slanting the far end of the lines toward one another to create a focal point. In this small backyard idea, a fence does the job and is enriched by repeating rows of flowers and a pergola.


  1. Create a Small Backyard Destination

Create a climax in your garden, think about what would stand out and make it not only unique but what would give it that appeal and make it your own. You could for example use a fire place with comfortable chairs around it and make that the climax of your garden.

Your small garden need not be a dull, dry place to be. You now have the tools to transform your small dull space into a well nurtured and beautiful space. Remember that your garden should be a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day so create your space with that in mind and hopefully one day you can entertain your friends and family there. 

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