Irrigation Supplies and Services Cape Town

Secure Irrigation And Landscaping provides a comprehensive analysis of your area, looking at all of the factors which can be improved in order to get your garden or grass looking and feeling healthy.

By ensuring that pressure flow checks are done, we will be able to determine what exactly is the issue, as well as the changes that need to be made.

Through these checks, professionals from our irrigation company based in Cape Town will be able to assure you that your space will be watered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

On top of this, checking for dry spots, as well as the range of your system will help our irrigation specialists and landscapers to make adjustments so that each and every blade of grass and vegetation is receiving the right amount of water.

Landscaping in Cape Town can be thought of as a difficult task, however, we believe that if you put in the time and the effort, the potential of your area will be realised.

We believe that processes such as improving soil nutrition, through the use of fertigation, a  process of applying liquid fertiliser through the use of the irrigation system, is a way for long term success and results, rather than simply fixing the space for now.


We supply irrigation in Cape Town, for a variety of spaces including parks, sports fields, houses and complexes.

Our landscaping focus in Cape Town sees us deliver our service in Bellville and Durbanville, as well as in the areas of the Cape Town Southern suburbs, Somerset West and Stellenbosch.

With our expertise in dealing with a variety of different gardens and landscapes, we can almost guarantee an overabundance of healthy vegetation and grass in your area.

Be sure to browse the Secure Irrigation & Landscaping website for more information on what we will be able to offer you.

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