We Can Do Both: Irrigation and Landscaping

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Landscaping Services in Cape Town

Yes, that’s right. We can do both irrigation and landscaping. Tending or maintaining your garden’s needs can be a laborious task. Using the correct tools and fertilizers isn’t necessarily something that comes easy to most and these are important for maintaining your garden. We at Secure Irrigation and Landscaping have the power to take care of all your gardening needs and make sure that you have something pleasant to come home to.

An irrigation system allows for water to be artificially inserted into the land or soil using a water pipe system. This system has great advantages for homes and corporate environments. Irrigation systems save time by watering the lawn whenever you require it to; the sprinkler system does it by itself. They also save water by covering a large area at a time and therefore making them very cost effective. An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand. Your water bill will be lower and the plants will live longer. Irrigation systems are also beneficial in that they assist in the growing of plants, maintenance of landscapes, and re-vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during inadequate rainfall.

Landscaping Services in Cape TownLandscaping

When you have an irrigation system it is also recommended to have a water back-up system connected to the irrigation system and to harvest rainwater.  The water back-up system will be the ultimate cost saver; this system will come in handy and will help to grow your plants. The water backup systems can also save you a lot of money when linked to a borehole that uses rain water. Hence it is important to harvest and preserve rain water to use for your irrigation needs that will in turn make your garden the greenest and healthy garden you deserve.

We also specialize in creating exclusive landscape designs and efficient implementation. We have an expert team available to assist with any queries you may have. Our team will assist you to make your dream garden possible. We have unique materials available to suit your garden needs. We are available for quotes which will assist us to better understand your garden’s vision. We will then add our ideas to yours and design a plan for the actual garden installation or garden make-over to deliver to you the services we promised.

We pride ourselves in the services we offer that we have an added benefit for our customers which are our maintenance packages, whereby we keep your garden in tip-top condition all year round. This includes composting, disease and weed control, pruning and trimming, lawn dressing and new plants when needed. No garden is ever too untamable for us. We are always up for a challenge.

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