Gardening Services

We supply fresh and healthy plants from distinguished nurserymen. Our excellent quality and great looking hardware (pots, pavers, edging, trellises, water features etc.) will suit your budget. We provide great gardening services and keep your needs in mind.

Waterwise gardens

Waterwise refers to creating appropriate gardens in climate regions where rainfall or water supply is limited.

This does not mean that you have to give up on using water altogether, but rather using it at the right time and the right place. It is best to plant at the right time of year and the appropriate species, which results in using less water. Including waterwise tactics as part of your gardening service, it’s beneficial for your garden.

Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems form part of our gardening services portfolio. It is controlling quantities of water that is supplied to plants for agriculture. It assists in the growing of agricultural crops and landscape maintenance. It is also used in revegetation of areas that are dry and during periods of insufficient rainfall. Irrigation systems suppress dust, disposal of sewage and are used in mining too.

Fertigation systems

Fertigation is the infusion of fertilizers, soil amendments, and other water-dissolvable products into a water frameworks system. It adds more nutrients.

Fertigation is identified with Chemigation. Chemigation is generally a more controlled process because of the chemicals used. This however means that it involves pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that pose health threats.

Fertigation is commonly used in commercial agriculture and horticulture. Landscaping as dispenser units become more reliable and easier to use.

Lifestyle Gardens

These gardens are typically created for their aesthetic, rather than sustainability. It is possible to have vegetables growing in your lifestyle garden. However, these are carefully thought out and part of the plan to enhance the look of your garden.

Weed Control

Weed control attempts to stop weeds from competing with domesticated plants. Many strategies have been developed in order to control these plants. Methods include hand cultivation using hoes, powered cultivation using cultivators, smothering with mulch, lethal wilting using high heat, burning and using herbicides.

Pruning & trimming

Pruning is the selective removal of parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots. Some of the reasons this is done is to remove deadwood, shaping, improving or maintaining health.

Designing, constructing and maintaining a garden is beneficial to assist you with turning your home or office into a stress – relieving sanctuary. It is best to contact professionals, like us, to turn any outdoor space in into a fantasy wonderland.

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