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All about our maintenance service and packaging. At Secure Irrigation and Landscaping we understand what your landscaping appearance means to you as it reflects your home or business image. We have thought of giving you, through this blog, some landscaping maintenance tips that will enable you to have the best outlook of your yard consistently.


Cutting two strips around the edge of turf and then cutting in straight lines opposite to this, alternating the pattern very other mow if possible, is normally the best technique. Cut week by week amid the growing season to ensure you are not getting rid of more than 1/3 of the leaf cutting edge at a time.

Sharpen mower blades at least once per season. Checking oil after every cut and changing oil every season will add life to your mower. A good mower will cut wet turf and pick up clippings better. Consider a mulching mower, it permits much of the water and nutrients in the clippings to return to the soil, accordingly reducing the need for watering and fertilizing.


A good edge to the turf keeps the garden looking excellent and forms separation between bed areas and turf. A fuel powered edger functions well, however a weed-eater held vertically will likewise carry out the job. Edging every other mow shields grass from developing into the beds.

Moss Control in Turf

Moss tends to develop in shady places and in territories where the soil is not conducive for healthy lawn. Pruning can help incorporate more sunlight, and taking after the tips will make a healthier garden and reduce moss development. You might need to consider removing the lawn and replacing it with shade tolerant plants if the shade is severe to the point that the landscaping maintenance would require much extra exertion.

When you do get moss, apply fluid Iron per label directions. It will kill the moss quickly, at times just before your eyes. Be mindful so as not to get it on any hard surfaces – it stains. After the moss has died, rake it out physically, or with a power rake.

There are more tips that we can give regarding your landscape maintenance. We’ll look at more in our coming posts. For more information, kindly contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Gardening Is Not All We Do

Gardening may seem like a small tedious thing to you, but for us it is a passion! The design of your garden can be just as important as the design and layout of your home. Neatly trimmed bushes and grass, hydrated plants and a nice quiet spot for sitting and talking can all be important for your garden requirements. We at Secure Irrigation and Landscaping are here to help you fulfill your gardening and irrigation needs. We offer customized packages to benefit your relaxation space needs.

At Secure Irrigation and Landscaping we offer along with our many other services:

  • Weed control
  • Pruning & trimming
  • Pest & disease control
  • Designing of new gardens and irrigation systems
  • Redesigning of existing gardens

We are able to cater to any garden request and will go out of our way to make sure that the kind of garden you are looking for is in line with the services we deliver.

No garden need can ever be too much for us to handle.


Above is a demonstration of how much transformation we can bring to your private intimate space. From an ordinary mundane entrance to a wonderful and admirable entrance we have the skills and resources to help you not only see but achieve golden garden standards. We have a team that is especially dedicated to recreating your dreams and making it fit in with your surroundings.

We have sleek finishes to make your space more unique. We have an expert design team that will see to the add-ons you require in your space for uniqueness; you can be guaranteed that a professional dedicated team will be able to take care of you and your landscaping needs.

We specialize in

  • Waterwise gardens
  • Irrigation systems
  • Lifestyle gardens
  • Fertigation systems

We also specialize in irrigation systems to keep your garden nourished and healthy for growth to happen. We will have a team come and inspect your garden and water system to see where the irrigation system will be best suited to help you save money.

Lifestyle gardens are one of our most sort after products. As the name suggests these gardens are designed to fit your individual style and lifestyle. They are quiet unique, sophisticated and personalized. They usually have a well thought out seating arrangement and an extravagant feature like; flower patterns and or a water feature.

Designing and maintaining your garden need not be a demanding task; contact us and let us cater to your needs. We will create a space for you that will not only leave you speechless but it will have all your neighbors lining up to admire its beauty. 

Add-ons For Irrigation Systems

A well implemented irrigation system is a key ingredient for a healthy landscaped garden. An irrigation system is an artificial application of water to the land or soil using a water pipe system. By using irrigation systems you can save up to 50% of your water bills. There are two types of irrigation sprinklers systems; manual and automatic that can be fitted into your home or business. An automatic sprinkler system uses a timer to maintain a healthy beautiful garden, which you can enjoy with your family and friends. When it is properly installed and maintained an automatic sprinkler system will help. A manual sprinkler system requires for you to physically switch the system on and off.

Irrigation systems are beneficial for every household. They will save you time by watering the lawn independently whenever you require it to. They also save water; an automatic system uses less water than watering by hand. Lastly an irrigation system will save you some money; your water bill will be lower and the plants will live longer. Irrigation systems are also beneficial in that they assist in the growing of plants, maintenance of landscapes, and re-vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during inadequate rainfall.

Water backup systems can be linked to your irrigation system; with water restrictions in place or when there is no water this backup system will come in handy and will keep your plants growing. These back up systems can also save you a lot of money when linked to a borehole that uses rain water.

Rainwater harvesting is when you collect, filter, store and distribute rainwater. This water can be used for irrigation as an emergency supply of water or a complete off-the grid backup system. It can be stored in water tanks or reservoirs which will come in handy when the time is right.  

There are various irrigation accessories you can purchase that can make your life much easier and ensure your plants live longer. They include but are not limited to:

  • Valves, connectors and nozzles
  • Taps, hose clamps, saddles and connectors
  • Insert fittings, poly threaded fittings and compression fittings
  • Full Flow fittings
  • Poly pipe LDPE / HDPE
  • PVC and galvanised standpipes

Professional irrigation installers such as the Secure irrigation and Landscaping team will take into consideration a number of factors when designing your irrigation system, such as soil types, sunny and shady areas as well as plant requirements to make sure that your garden fulfills all your needs.

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